Skateboarding and Roof Tops, Again!

So I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how to get on this roof, and I finally did. I played with it in photoshop to make it look better than it did, I added some grain and made it contrasty because it was really ugly and boring before. Maybe it still is, you decide. The skateboarder is Timmy Jarmin.

ISO: 640
F/2.8 @ 1/250th
25mm FL



We had to shoot environmental sports portraits for Bill, I couldn't decide between these two. What do you think?

The sun was about two feet from coming around the building and creating this light, but it wasn't going to make it before sunset so I had to light it instead, I used an orange gel to create a golden look. I used a slight fill on the left, but I don't think it was strong enough.

D200 w/ 2 off camera flashes
ISO: 200
F/4.5 @ 1/125
48mm FL

After shooting the portrait above, I wanted to try a portrait for a more traditional sport so I shot my friend Nick Meadows covered in golf balls. Bounced the flash off the ceiling and used a 1/250th shutter speed to overpower the exiting tungsten light. If I were to reshoot I would light it a little more from the side to add some shadows on his face so it wouldn't be so flat; and I would probably try to get more golf balls so I wouldn't have to crop so tight on his face (this is full frame). I like the expression though.

D200 w/ 1 off camera flash
ISO: 200
F/5 @ 1/250
35mm FL
50+ golf balls


Roof Climbing and Skateboarding!

I had to climb on top of the roof of this school in Wake Forest to get this shot. Some really nice light was coming in through the trees and hitting his face right when he was coming down the rail. I had an off camera flash set up behind him on the left to help light the entire scene because it was getting dark where he was.

Nikon D200
ISO: 200
F/4.0 @ 1/250
58mm FL

My friend began filming and was messing up my shot so I moved to the right and used the trees to block him from being in my shot. I like the way the light is hitting his hair.


Caption information is included in image. Shot on Nikon D200 with 17-35mm lens at 200 ISO and F/8.0 on Aperture Priority. Used my buddy Fill on all of them using the SB-800 off camera connected by an SC-28 cord.



Tried to get back into the studio one evening only to find I had no ideas. Wanted some sort of vegetable/kitchen stock type of shot, but it didn't come out really how I wanted. Next time I will brainstorm more and hopefully escape more successful. I used a 750 bounced off a fill card on a light table, with a mini-mole gel aimed at a wall in the back. This is also a nice example of the blooming around the jalapeƱos.

ISO: 200
F/2.8 @ 1/8
35mm FL

Friday Night Football, Again!

Kendall Worth (21), of Burlington, NC, a senior running back for the Burlington Williams Varsity football team, tries to break free from the Asheboro Blue Comets defensive line in the first quarter Friday night at Asheboro High School, in Asheboro, NC. The Blue Comets beat the Bulldogs 21-17.

Nikon D1X w/ on camera flash (Sb-28)
ISO: 800
F/2.8 @1/250
300mm FL


Flowers at II's!

I believe this is a Datura, also called the Devil's Trumpet, it blooms at night and wilts in the day (if this is wrong, tell me). Used a flash with a diffusion card over the front and sidelit it as to not have light spill into the background. Also used the 1/250th sync to get rid of any ambient light. The hard part was the focusing, which consisted of setting the lens to it's minimum focusing distance and moving either closer or further away from it while snapping photos until I had one in focus. Oh yeah, this is not studio.

Canon 30D
ISO: 400
F/7.1 @ 1/250
Lit with SB-28
24mm FL

1304 Bikes!

Kelly Beck, of Raleigh, NC, hopes the new Earn-a-Bike program at 1304 Bikes will bring order to the volunteer-ran community bike project in Raleigh, NC. The new program accesses each donated bike based on condition. More volunteer hours are required for bikes in better condition. After volunteering with cleaning and organizing for the given amount of hours, the volunteer can begin to work on the bicycle. After the bike is complete the volunteer can leave or stay and continue to volunteer. 1304 Bikes is located at Chamberlain and Mayview St.. and opens shop Sunday 1 to 5 p.m. and Thursday 6 to 9 p.m.

Charles Lottress, 45, of Raleigh, NC, checks if the gears are changing correctly Sunday afternoon at 1304 Bikes. Lottress is in roofing construction and uses his bike mainly for transportation to and from work.

Canon 30D
ISO: 400
F/4.0 @ 1/125 w/ off camera fill
24mm FL

ISO: 400
F/4.0 @ 1/125
93mm FL