Community Interaction!

I always see a big group of people playing basketball/volleyball/soccer at this park near my house and I went there to shoot this for a backup of another assignment. I think I might go back a few more times in these last couple of weeks I have left in Asheboro. I have other shots, but they are just not edited (actually this is just a quick edit).

D200 ISO: 200 F/4 @ 1/300th



This is the second potter, Fred Johnston, I photographed for our photojournalism class. I really liked the building which he built himself. He is a very nice and interesting/inspiring person, I will post a soundslide with more images and audio later this week. I used two strobes. One SB-24 hidden in wood pile on left providing mostly fill light. The second out of frame on right on a light stand set to full power. I pretty much blasted him with light so I could underexpose the entire scene by a couple of stops. This allowed me to keep a deep blue sky without having everything else extremely dark.

D200 ISO 200 F/16 @ 1/250th



A frame from a project I am working on in my own time. I will post it when it is finished.

A&T Marching Band!

Some images from a photography/audio/video project Octavio are in the process of editing. You will probably see it soon.

D200 17-35
#1: ISO: 800 F/2.8 @ 1/40th
#2: ISO: 200 F/2.8 @ 1/80th



Took my spring break in Dallas, this is a view from the rooftop on one of the many beautiful days this past week.

Suds & Duds!

This is an assignment for the multimedia class to document a place using only natural sound, images, and royalty free music. Other requirements were 15-20 images and 60 seconds in length. Some images were by me, most were done by Ashley Ross. The final shot is the cue ball smacking my lens. Fortunately, it was protected by a UV filter and amazingly, nothing was broken. I almost wish it would have hit me in the head rather than the lens. Full resolution version is here.