Sports and a Food Drive!

Victoria Morton (from left), of Charleston, SC, waits outside while Staff Sergent Chris Marsh and Arthur Hopkins, carry a bin, weighing over 100 pounds, full of donated food into Morton's home Thursday afternoon. The bin consisted of bread, a ham and turkey, canned foods, and preperation products such as sugar and flour. The Marine Contingent at the NROTC of Citadel College collected over 8200 cans and 30 frozen turkeys that were donated to the Low Country Food Bank and Crisis Ministries. Five bins consisting of everything needed for a complete Thanksgiving meal were delivered to five area families.

Jason Dickerson (from left), and Marcus Ashby, of the Marine Contingent of the Naval ROTC at Citadel College dump donated can food into a box that will be sent to the Low Country Food Bank Thursday afternoon at Jenkins Hall at Citadel College.

Ron Williams (left back), Steve Smalls (left forward), and Cal Morrison (right), celebrate after Morrison putted for the teams first birdie Friday afternoon at the Charleston Municipal Golf Course. "We like to make sure we help the scholarship fund," said Williams, an alumni of South Carolina State University and member of the Charleston Chapter of the SCSU National Alumni Association. The Chapter held a tournament to raise money toward a scholarship fund they have granted every year since the mid-70's.

This was my first time using a 500mm lens, and though it is very tight (this is full frame) making it a little difficult to get everything in the frame, it is worth it when you do get a shot because it cleans the background up so well.

O.J. Mayo (left), of University of Southern California, and Austin Dahn, of Citadel College, fight for control of the ball in the second half Thursday night at Citadel. The USC Trojans defeated the Citadel Bulldogs 74-47.


Fire in Charleston!

This is my first attempt at putting things in soundslides and onto the blog. I had to make this small for it to fit in my page, otherwise it did something crazy and looked strange. Click on the word "captions" to get text of what is happening in each frame. Click here to see a bigger version of this soundslide. The fire was fun.


Bill Clinton, Fishing and Tearsheets!

I always end up photographing someone fishing. The red-drum tagging assignment was fun as I was able to ride around on a boat on a nice semi-warm sunny day for four hours. I spent 10 hours at a civil war re-enactment on Saturday, I'll post a soundslide for that once I edit from the 900+ photos I took that day.

Former President Bill Clinton shakes hands with supporters of Hillary Clinton after speaking Monday, Nov. 12, 2007, at Trident Technical College in North Charleston. Clinton is visiting to campaign for his wife Hillary Clinton for the future primary elections.

James Cannon, of Hanahan, SC, enjoys his day off from brick masoning to fish Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 6, 2007, at Folly Beach. Cannon fishes at this spot regularly catching whiting and spot tail fish mostly, "I love the water, I love the scenery" said Cannon.

Ben Fludd, of Charleston, SC, an employee at the Jewish Community Center, reels in his line in hopes of a catch Monday evening, Nov. 12, 2007, at Brittlebank Park in Charleston. "My first time fishing, I fell in love with it, I've been fishing ever since," said Fludd who has been fishing for 30 years, "It relaxes the mind," he added.

Jonathan Tucker (far left), an employee for the Department of Natural Resources, holds the cooler open for Bill Roumillat (center), a fishery biologist for DNR, transports a red drum from the net to the cooler that will be tagged and released Friday morning, Nov. 9, 2007, in the Charleston Harbor. "Its been an adventure," said Joe Tucker (right), Jonathan Tucker's father, who is volunteering for the day.

Kicker Chris Kifer rides the shoulders of Fort Dorchester teammates after winning 1st round 4A game Div. 1 at Goose Creek Friday November 9, 2007. Fort Dorchester won after Kifer kicked a 44 yard field goal with less than a minute left in the game. Fort Dorchester defeated Goose Creek 24-21.


Sports, Sales, and a really big Yacht!

Still busy.

I liked the fisherman one better, but they published this one instead, probably because it had the coast guard dingy in the frame.

Harry Noisette, of Charleston, SC, does not let the Seafair, a yacht that ran aground, change his fishing routine Friday morning, Nov. 2, 2007, at the Battery, in Charleston, SC. "I've never seen anything like this before...I've been fishing out here all my life," said Noisette about the grounded yacht. The $60 million yacht houses a traveling art exhibit with 28 galleries that will stop in 36 small ports throughout its 44 week tour of the east coast. David and Lee Ann Lester, the owners of the yacht, hope to raise money to donate to the Gibbes Museum of Art in Charleston.

Joseph Jackson, of Moncks Corner, SC, circles properties he plans to bid for on a map at the delinquent property tax sale Monday morning, Nov. 5, 2007, at the Berkeley County Administration building in Moncks Corner, SC. Jackson purchases land as an investment, "Last time I got a good deal."

Kelly Grove of Summerville, SC, pulls an office chair stacked with electronics, clothes, and other items just purchased at the Whale of a Sale hosted by the Junior League of Charleston Saturday morning, Nov. 3, 2007, at the Gaillard Exhibition Hall in Charleston, SC. "One year I saw an Alice and Wonderland Lamp," said Grove about one of the most unique item she has seen at the sale.

Betty Prioleau (top left), Stacy Prioleau (top right), and Katy Prioleau (bottom left) all of Charleston, SC, use boxes and bags to tote around the items they plan to purchase at the Whale of a Sale hosted by the Junior League of Charleston Saturday morning, Nov. 3, 2007, at the Gaillard Exhibition Hall in Charleston, SC. "We were able to find a lot of stuff for our daycare," said Betty Prioleau, "and it all goes toward charity."

My first time shooting daytime football, was pretty awesome, no flash and 200 ISO is a dream, although toward the end of the third quarter half the field was in shadow so you had to hope what you exposed for was where the play was going to happen.

Citadel's Bart Blanchard (19) recovers his own fumble after trying to break through Appalachian State's defensive line in the first quarter Saturday afternoon, Nov. 3, 2007, at the Johnson Hagood Stadium in Charleston, SC. The Appalachian Yosefs defeated the Citadel Bulldogs 45-24.

Augusta State's Daniel Dixon (left) and Ben Madgen (right), and College of Charleston's Antwaine Wiggins (center), chase the ball after Dixon lost control of it in the second half Thursday night at the John Kresse Arena at Charleston. Augusta went on to defeat Charleston in a close 65-63 final.


Hockey, Fire and Wild Art!

They call a feature 'wild art' here so I drove around doing that for a few hours yesterday. I liked this shot before the bird flew in and then I really liked it afterward. Hockey was fun to shoot, the light is amazing in comparison to Friday night football; the ice makes for a nice fill card. I also had my first color stuff published of that butterfly guy, fun stuff.

Thurgood McKlvey, 58, of Charleston, SC, a retired construction worker reels in his line in hopes of a catch Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 31, 2007, at Brittlebank Park in Charleston, SC. McKlvey says he does "pretty good" catching Spottail bass at the park.

David Hurst, a firefighter for the City of Charleston Engine 3, brings the hose in Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 30, 2007, after helping to put out an apartment fire on Romney St.

I can download PDF versions of any page of the paper which makes it real easy to keep digital tear sheets of all my work, this is my first 1B color piece.