Internship Update!

I've been shooting some at the local fair and mostly riding with other photographers at this point, however, I'm supposed to be going on my own assignments soon. I was able to ride in a helicopter at the fair which is how I was able to capture the overview. The butterfly guy below was an interesting character as well (no butterflies were harmed, well maybe mentally, but not physically).

Billy McCord, a wildlife biologist for the Department of Natural Resources, temporarily holds the Monarch butterflies in his mouth before placing them in an envelope where they are kept until they are tagged and released Monday afternoon, Oct. 29, 2007, at Folly Beach, SC.

Billy McCord, a wildlife biologist for the Department of Natural Resources, tags two Monarch butterflies before releasing them Monday afternoon, Oct. 29, 2007, at Folly Beach, SC.

Isa Jackson, 10, of Summerville, SC, adds construction paper cut-outs to her pumpkin at the 4-H Club Pumpkin Decorating Contest Saturday afternoon at the Coastal Carolina Fair at Exchange Park in Ladson, SC. It is Jackson's third year being a member of the Charleston Clover 4-H Club.

They needed a photograph of a flag to run soon for Veteran's Day and drove by this on my day off. The flag was massive, at least 20 feet in width, and the sky looked as though it were on fire, the biggest trouble was finding an angle with no power lines, trees, streetlights, etc. and waiting for a strong enough gust to get it to blow in the wind.


New York City!

I pieced these together. I might go back and add some literature about the trip in detail, however, at the moment I have no time for such things.


Futbol -- Judo Kick!

Rogelio Velaquez (19), of Asheboro High School, attempts a header as a player for Ledford Panthers Senior High School attempts to recover the ball Wednesday evening at Asheboro High School. The Blue Comets defeated the Ledford Panthers 4-3.

Canon 30D
ISO: 1600
F/2.8 @ 1/500th
450mm FL

Nikon Auto Focus + Referee!

The joys of shooting Friday Night Football! When I have people tell me the Auto Focus on Canon equipment is better than Nikon's, I just attach this to the next email I send them. As evidence shows, Nikon just can't be beat.

Nikon D200
ISO: 1600
f/2.8 @ 1/250
450 mm FL
SB-800 on camera


Soccer, or Futbol!

Andrew Green and Carlos Vazquez, 10, of the Asheboro Blue Comets, fight for the ball against Ledford Senior High School Wednesday evening in Asheboro, NC. The Blue Comets beat the Panther's 4-3.

Canon 30D
ISO 1600
F/2.8 @ 1/500th
300mm FL

A Weak Weekly!

This is of the NC Spot Festival in Hampstead, NC. The text offers the information about the festival. Somehow I managed to shoot the whole thing at 800 ISO, which is fun, and loud with all that noise. This is probably one of the weakest things I’ve ever put out so don’t look at it too hard, please.
Shot with D200, 17-35mm, and 35-70mm, off-camera SB-800, and a really high shutter, considering I was at 800 ISO at high noon.