Internship in Little Rock!

I have been sick the past two weeks and at some point I received pneumonia. I am getting better though. Here are some images from when I have actually been able to work, I will give them brief captions. The first four images are from Riverfest, a big festival that happened a couple of weeks ago here in Little/North Little Rock.

Kid getting sprayed at the water park.

Dog jumping competition. 23' and 1"!

Corn eating competition, not really, but this family sure did love corn.

Some kids play fighting by the river, before it started raining on me, for the third time.

A child cancer patient who was raising money with a lemonade stand for research of his cancer. His name is Elijah Talley. Look him up.

The friday before Memorial Day, hundreds of students from a local high school put flags in front of more than 18,000 gravestones.

This bride was shot shortly after being announced married to her husband, who was also shot, both survived. And they told me Little Rock was dangerous.

K-9 training wild art.