Skateboarding and Roof Tops, Again!

So I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how to get on this roof, and I finally did. I played with it in photoshop to make it look better than it did, I added some grain and made it contrasty because it was really ugly and boring before. Maybe it still is, you decide. The skateboarder is Timmy Jarmin.

ISO: 640
F/2.8 @ 1/250th
25mm FL


DS Clark Photo said...

Nice POV. You don't see this angle often, but it works well with this shot. The rail gives a nice seperation from busy to clean. I like the grain and contrast as well!

de Berry Photography said...

Ugly is not a word that comes to mind! This is a really cool shot, Jessey. Love the angle, love the grittiness (grain, perhaps?), love the composition, love the context. I know you've been working hard on these skateboarding shots and I think you got something really unique and Dearing-like here.

Danny Bayer said...

I like how it takes you a second to figure out where the ground is. The contrast between the fluid movements of the skateboarder and the straight lines of the pipes is neat too.

Ashley Garner said...

This is definately not ugly, I love the POV! I love the grittiness in this and the street feeling really comes out...if that made sense? Anyways nice contrast, nice composition, great shot!

Emily Veon said...

I really like the angle you used with this shot. this angle is overworked with other phots but this one, it's relly nice.

Anonymous said...

I really like this, Jessey - way to keep searching for the best point of view! I am also a fan of the rich contrast and cool tones...qué magnifique!