galapagos livin'

I have nearly 10,000 photos and nearly 20 hours of audio from my travels. Here is only "making of" type images, none are from the actual project I did. I also have hundreds of other photos from my time in Ecuador that are not included in this video. My first two weeks in the Galapagos were spent on Isabela Island. On July 3rd, the entire group (from all islands) met on San Cristobal where we completed the edited process of our videos. It was an amazing trip and eye-opening. This being said, I think at the same time, the atmosphere makes it easy to forget the impact you are having on the islands. While it may be positive for those that live there, changes are definitely happening due to tourism that are impacting the eco-system in a negative way. This is a balancing act which our project aimed to address. A website is in production and will hopefully be online soon. The website will be: http://www.livinggalapagos.org