Roof Climbing and Skateboarding!

I had to climb on top of the roof of this school in Wake Forest to get this shot. Some really nice light was coming in through the trees and hitting his face right when he was coming down the rail. I had an off camera flash set up behind him on the left to help light the entire scene because it was getting dark where he was.

Nikon D200
ISO: 200
F/4.0 @ 1/250
58mm FL

My friend began filming and was messing up my shot so I moved to the right and used the trees to block him from being in my shot. I like the way the light is hitting his hair.


Sagen Kime said...

Nice lighting! I really like this shot.

Danny Bayer said...

Good use of lighting on the top shot.

Octavio Jones Photography said...

Cool lighting, the angles are great. Good job Jessey!

someone said...

i love your photographs