You've been zapped!

Taser training at the Jacksonville, AR police department. "We want our officers to have an appreciation for the taser."


Tillers with 750 cc motorcycle engines, a fire and wildart!

The tiller race is a unique event in a town three hours away from Little Rock with a population of 359 according to the sign seen upon entering Emerson city limits. The tillers have motorcycle engines and race across a dirt field 200-feet in length at an average speed of 18 to 24 mph depending on the driver. The racers are not riding the tillers, they are desperately holding on and running behind them taking steps no shorter than 10 feet. The crowd is filled with travelers from around the south, some travel as many as 8 to 12 hours to come see the event. I know I would make the drive again. This year two women and three men competed, a small count compared to usual, but they hope more will enlist next year.

This is the dedication ceremony of a park opening in downtown Little Rock, I thought it looked like a fun park.

The Ozark Mission Project is a camp aimed to have teenagers help the community by building porches, wheelchair ramps and painting houses among other things for less fortunate and handicapped people.

The guy in the white shirt owns this house and was working in a shed in the backyard when he came out found his house on fire. No one was hurt and the fire burned throughout the inside of the house.

These are wildart pictures with absolutely no news value, yet they still run in the paper.