Farming in Liberty!

Portrait of Earl York (from right) and son Robbie York at their farm in Liberty, NC.

D200 ISO: 100 1/500 @ F/8



It was pouring rain yesterday and I've not worked in the studio much lately so I decided to play for a while. I had other ideas but ended with this.

D200 ISO: 200 F/11 @ 1/160th Strobe: Broncolor w/ Softbox


Pottery Project - Anita!

This was the first potter I photographed yesterday. The music is a little too loud in the final, it didn't seem so loud while I was editing. Click here for the full resolution version and please excuse the purple text/link at the bottom.

D200 ISO: 200 1/250 @ F/4 (Most Shots).
Two off camera flashes set up: SB-25 used for fill, SB-800 used for key light.

Sketchy Warehouse!

These were taken at an abandon warehouse. It was sketchy.

D200 1/1600 @ F/2.8 ISO: 320

D200 1/50th @ F/2.8 ISO: 320


Dallas Panoramics!

©2008 Jessey Dearing

These are two panoramics from Dallas. I let CS3 do the hard work. I don't remember how many images were in each. I think approximately seven in the sky image and at least 15 in the skyline image.

Image 1: Nikon D200 ISO: 400 F/4 @ 1/160th 80-200mm
Image 2: Nikon D200 ISO: 1600 F/9 @ 1/800th 80-200mm

High School Basketball!

Two images from a few of the basketball games I've been photographing. Lit with two alien beez positioned in the corners of one of the short sides of the court.

©2008 Jessey Dearing

Nikon D1H 1/500th @ F/4 ISO: 400 80mm FL