We had to shoot environmental sports portraits for Bill, I couldn't decide between these two. What do you think?

The sun was about two feet from coming around the building and creating this light, but it wasn't going to make it before sunset so I had to light it instead, I used an orange gel to create a golden look. I used a slight fill on the left, but I don't think it was strong enough.

D200 w/ 2 off camera flashes
ISO: 200
F/4.5 @ 1/125
48mm FL

After shooting the portrait above, I wanted to try a portrait for a more traditional sport so I shot my friend Nick Meadows covered in golf balls. Bounced the flash off the ceiling and used a 1/250th shutter speed to overpower the exiting tungsten light. If I were to reshoot I would light it a little more from the side to add some shadows on his face so it wouldn't be so flat; and I would probably try to get more golf balls so I wouldn't have to crop so tight on his face (this is full frame). I like the expression though.

D200 w/ 1 off camera flash
ISO: 200
F/5 @ 1/250
35mm FL
50+ golf balls


Sagen Kime said...

I like the skateboarder better than the golfer. I would have never known that it wasn't natural golden light. Good job!

duane said...

never seen a golf portrait like this!