I went to the bay in Maryland over the break and here are some images. The ones of me in front of the lighthouse were photographed by Ashley. The selftrait (the first image) was done in Dallas as I have found myself with an abundance of time and limited options for activities lately. So I have read eight books now, become fairly good at pool, but recently found a free skate-park so that should help prevent me from taking more photographs of myself.

Apparently, I have an out-of-character, and serious, look of concentration, but I believe I was only thinking "wow, the sun is bright."

This needs a human in it, but no one wanted to be beautiful.

Collingswood, NJ.

Greenhouses between. Chesapeake City and Chester, Maryland.

Chesapeake Isle Lighthouse near North East, MD.

These two images are pieced together, it is the same door.