Hockey, Fire and Wild Art!

They call a feature 'wild art' here so I drove around doing that for a few hours yesterday. I liked this shot before the bird flew in and then I really liked it afterward. Hockey was fun to shoot, the light is amazing in comparison to Friday night football; the ice makes for a nice fill card. I also had my first color stuff published of that butterfly guy, fun stuff.

Thurgood McKlvey, 58, of Charleston, SC, a retired construction worker reels in his line in hopes of a catch Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 31, 2007, at Brittlebank Park in Charleston, SC. McKlvey says he does "pretty good" catching Spottail bass at the park.

David Hurst, a firefighter for the City of Charleston Engine 3, brings the hose in Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 30, 2007, after helping to put out an apartment fire on Romney St.

I can download PDF versions of any page of the paper which makes it real easy to keep digital tear sheets of all my work, this is my first 1B color piece.


de Berry Photography said...

1) Love that firefighter shot. Beautiful light. Interesting composition.

2) Way to make the paper already.

3) Hockey! Sweet!

Just got to CT today. Beautiful colors and a bit chilly. Hope you're having lots o' fun down there.

Paige Kazazian Photography said...

congrats, it looks great!