Sports, Sales, and a really big Yacht!

Still busy.

I liked the fisherman one better, but they published this one instead, probably because it had the coast guard dingy in the frame.

Harry Noisette, of Charleston, SC, does not let the Seafair, a yacht that ran aground, change his fishing routine Friday morning, Nov. 2, 2007, at the Battery, in Charleston, SC. "I've never seen anything like this before...I've been fishing out here all my life," said Noisette about the grounded yacht. The $60 million yacht houses a traveling art exhibit with 28 galleries that will stop in 36 small ports throughout its 44 week tour of the east coast. David and Lee Ann Lester, the owners of the yacht, hope to raise money to donate to the Gibbes Museum of Art in Charleston.

Joseph Jackson, of Moncks Corner, SC, circles properties he plans to bid for on a map at the delinquent property tax sale Monday morning, Nov. 5, 2007, at the Berkeley County Administration building in Moncks Corner, SC. Jackson purchases land as an investment, "Last time I got a good deal."

Kelly Grove of Summerville, SC, pulls an office chair stacked with electronics, clothes, and other items just purchased at the Whale of a Sale hosted by the Junior League of Charleston Saturday morning, Nov. 3, 2007, at the Gaillard Exhibition Hall in Charleston, SC. "One year I saw an Alice and Wonderland Lamp," said Grove about one of the most unique item she has seen at the sale.

Betty Prioleau (top left), Stacy Prioleau (top right), and Katy Prioleau (bottom left) all of Charleston, SC, use boxes and bags to tote around the items they plan to purchase at the Whale of a Sale hosted by the Junior League of Charleston Saturday morning, Nov. 3, 2007, at the Gaillard Exhibition Hall in Charleston, SC. "We were able to find a lot of stuff for our daycare," said Betty Prioleau, "and it all goes toward charity."

My first time shooting daytime football, was pretty awesome, no flash and 200 ISO is a dream, although toward the end of the third quarter half the field was in shadow so you had to hope what you exposed for was where the play was going to happen.

Citadel's Bart Blanchard (19) recovers his own fumble after trying to break through Appalachian State's defensive line in the first quarter Saturday afternoon, Nov. 3, 2007, at the Johnson Hagood Stadium in Charleston, SC. The Appalachian Yosefs defeated the Citadel Bulldogs 45-24.

Augusta State's Daniel Dixon (left) and Ben Madgen (right), and College of Charleston's Antwaine Wiggins (center), chase the ball after Dixon lost control of it in the second half Thursday night at the John Kresse Arena at Charleston. Augusta went on to defeat Charleston in a close 65-63 final.


Robert Howington said...

Is this a writing class, or a photography class?..ha. All good images, but with the sports, you should attempt new angles. I like the overhead shot of the women with packages. Keep it up!

J. Wilson said...

Wow those boats are incredible! Your photos are all very good!

Check out my blog if you get a chance: eight-thirty.blogspot.com.

Paige Kazazian Photography said...

everything you shoot is golden