This is from a "fashion" assignment for my studio class. After looking through several fashion magazines I realized there really was no overall theme. Some advertisements barely emphasized the item being sold, while others sacrificed them for product detail. This photo emphasizes scale more than the clothing.

After scouting for locations in Ashley's apartment complex (a 100 year old flour mill-turned-loft-apartments), I picked a few different areas, the one below being one of them. It wasn't until Ashley was in the doorway that I noticed she looked like a miniature person. I liked the look and told her to pose like a mannequin, and it worked, in my opinion. I think this would work well with a series of scale-focused images, or with incorporating mannequins into the image. Maybe I will follow through.

I posted a smaller version of the photo because it's important to see the whole frame at once to see the miniature-effect. Click on the image to see a larger version of the photo.

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