This is the second potter, Fred Johnston, I photographed for our photojournalism class. I really liked the building which he built himself. He is a very nice and interesting/inspiring person, I will post a soundslide with more images and audio later this week. I used two strobes. One SB-24 hidden in wood pile on left providing mostly fill light. The second out of frame on right on a light stand set to full power. I pretty much blasted him with light so I could underexpose the entire scene by a couple of stops. This allowed me to keep a deep blue sky without having everything else extremely dark.

D200 ISO 200 F/16 @ 1/250th


Anonymous said...
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Ashley Garner said...

potteraits are my favorite.
you lucked up on a really cool potter here.
blah blah blah
nice light
rabble rabble rabble good composition.
it's really early.