Pottery Project - Anita!

This was the first potter I photographed yesterday. The music is a little too loud in the final, it didn't seem so loud while I was editing. Click here for the full resolution version and please excuse the purple text/link at the bottom.

D200 ISO: 200 1/250 @ F/4 (Most Shots).
Two off camera flashes set up: SB-25 used for fill, SB-800 used for key light.


Ashley Garner said...

There are some very good images in here, the sound quality of the interview is great, but like bill said the music is sord of overpowering. i think that the environmental portrait is very nice, you did an excellent job of setting up the lights in there and posing her in an interesting way with her surroundings.

Rob Franklin said...

The photography in this is really nice. I like the opening effect and the lady's narration is really well done. Her voice is nice and smooth throughout the soundslide.