Color images were shot on Kodak E100G Vivid Saturation and the black and white image was shot with Tri-X 400 and processed in HC-110 Sol. B.

Charleston citizens watch as former President Clinton walks through the downtown market area.

I'm not sure about the cropping on this, it is full frame now, I might come in on it later. The light is bouncing off a heavily windowed building making it back lit with a front lit fill. I mainly like how it made the tree look.

This was in New Hope, Pennsylvania in an alley next to an interesting costume shop. Manikins. The toning needs a little more work as well, it was quite underexposed.


BF said...

These are great. film por vida!

de Berry Photography said...

By the way, those mannequins are awesome.

Dustin said...

I love these images!