Cross-Processed Cigarettes!

I found a 10 year old roll of Fuji Provia (Transparency Film) and put it to use. Had it processed through a C-41 process and color printed it on the RA-4. It had strange color casts which were hard to figure out, the negative is almost completely blue. The image here is a scan of the negative, not the print.

Shot with: Hasselblad 6x6 with 55mm Extension tube
Film: Fuji Provia
ISO: 100
Shutter: Multiple Pop Strobe


Lucy said...

This looks really nice, Jessey! Nice crop!

elisahenry said...

hey jessey!

thanks for linking to us on your blog! :)

i look forward to seeing what all you guys post. hope 2nd year is going well for you!

Jonathan E. Andrews said...

Very nice, it reminds me of Penn's photos. The color cast is interesting. Here's to cross processing!

Anonymous said...

The subject matter fits the medium-it makes me think of the word "stale".