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N.C. Mission of Mercy Dental Clinic

I'm working on a project about health care for my documentary course. I've been trying to cover a broad range of topics and one is dental. Dental is often not included in health coverage and is very expensive. People go for years neglecting their dental hygiene even though dental pain can be one of the most nagging and painful injuries to endure.

This two day clinic offered free dental services for patients and performed most dental procedures except root canals. On the second day, people began lining up at midnight to be seen at the clinic, which opened at 7 a.m. It took most people about 8 hours to be seen. Many of the people I spoke with had traveled from rural parts of North Carolina and had not been to a dentist in several years. I was surprised at how happy many of them were to be there even after waiting through the night and having one or more teeth pulled. To learn more about the dental clinics, visit the N.C. Dental Society's website.


F/22 and Snow

We had a project titled F/22 where we had to photograph 22 things based on a list of 22 words. Here are some of the photos I came out with and the word we were to photograph.


4 a.m.

Body art

The Letter E


From the Hip (not looking through viewfinder)



Self Portrait


It snowed and a lot of people met on campus to throw snow at each other.


Raleigh Rally

Photos shot today, can you believe it? My focus today was light. Don't steal my pictures. They are copyrighted. For real.



Below is a youtube version of my Galapagos project, but I encourage you to visit LivingGalapagos.org because the website is pretty awesome. There is a ton of content on this website about the islands and worth visiting multiple times (you will have to, to see all the content).


action vs reaction

This the the coach of the women's field hockey team at UNC having a roaring match with a fan.